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After being diagnosed with bipolar in 2020, Megan Barnes took her own life on December 12th 2022. For her family and friends life will never be the same, and since 2023 we’ve been raising funds to support other people in Megs’s position.

Here’s what we have been up to in 2024.

All donations will go to Bipolar UK to help other sufferers of Bipolar Disorder not reach the point when suicidal thoughts become to overwhelming and their families go through the devastating loss we are experiencing -

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£10 helps someone get peer support from the eCommunity

£50 helps someone get peer support via call-back or email

£500 helps 820 people find information via the website

£1000 helps 13 people get peer support on Zoom

£5000 helps 560 people use all their services for a month to keep well”

“Bipolar is a severe, lifelong mental health condition characterised by highs and lows. At their most extreme, the highs can lead to delusional thinking and psychosis, and the lows to suicidal thoughts.

Tragically, someone living with bipolar is 20 times more likely to take their own life than someone without the condition, with at least 1/20 of all people who take their own life in the UK having a diagnosis of bipolar. Which is why the work of Bipolar UK is so important.

Bipolar UK is the only dedicated national charity supporting those affected by bipolar, and they currently reach 389,000 people annually in the UK. They offer peer support to anyone affected by bipolar through in-person and online group meetings, call-back and email support, and a moderated eCommunity.